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Office Genie - Case Study



Office Genie is a robust Human Resource Management System (HRMS) & Vendor Management System (VMS) that aims to automate the HR processes and effectively build a better workplace.


Office Genie wanted to offer its clients a platform with easy accessible HR data and improve their business processes in order to speed up onboarding, documentation, automate payroll,invoicing, billing, expenses management, assistance with compliance, task & time tracking and reporting while managing data across multiple locations.
It aimed to provide best-in-class human resources functionality which would enable its clients to increase their productivity, accelerate business performance, and lower expenses.


We served our client with a platform that offers a broad range of solutions to support the need for end-to-end employee life cyclemanagement covering the entire workforce in a span of 6 weeks.


Business - 2 - Business


Small / Medium Businesses

In Progress*
*Live Date - March 2018 - Will provide the staging URL and have taken approval from the client

Products / Functionalities delivered:

Expense Management: Expense claim management makes expense module a lot easier with increased visibility and proper approval process. It provides a platform to process, pay, and audit employee-initiated expenses.

Timesheet Management: Time sheet module helps employees to update their own time sheets and send it for approval to supervisors. It also keeps track of employees punch-in and punch-out times.

Payroll Management: To avoid unwanted stress of a missed deadline or incorrect filing of taxes, Payroll management system designed for Officegenie, assists its clients in remunerating its employees for the work they have completed. The system involves many aspects including withholding taxes from each paycheck and makes sure accurate funds are paid to the correct government agencies.

401K management: A module designed for employees where they can manage their 401K Retirement Savings Plan.

Invoice management: We offered a cloud-based system that intuitively centralizes invoice management thereby reducing invoice approval time by up to 80%.

Technologies used:

Cloud SAAS Framework

We used a cloud Saas framework to develop an all-in-one solution where Office Genie’s clients could centralize all their Human Resources & vendor management data like expense, payroll, timesheet, 401K & invoice management.


Secure Platform
Azure Active Directory
Multi - Tenant

While Office Genie is responsible for keeping confidential information about their clients potential employees, internal staff and external clients, we created a secured platform using SSL Certificate authentication. It creates a foundation of trust by establishing a secure connection and ensures visitors that their browsers provide visual cues, such as a lock icon or a green bar.

We combined multi-tenant architecture with Azure AD to achieve a governed application identity and access management.

After the employee submits their timesheets on the platform, it is validated by an admin-reviewer cycle creating the need for a multi-tenant architecture. With this we achieved to provide a dedicated share of instance at every level of the cycle.

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